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Sep 3, 2011

Pioneer Digital Sound Projector

Pioneer's Digital Sound Projector is unique. It's revolutionary. It will change the way you listen to sound forever. Its truly holographic surround sound complements not only your taste but your space. Look around. In place of loudspeakers there's only one sleek panel. Instead of cables and loudspeakers all around your room, sound beams envelop you in a three-dimensional soundfield.

With PDSP-1, you're right there in the action when playing DVD-Videos. There's more. You can preset the sound settings to fit your needs at different times. What accounts for such staggering accomplishment? Nothing less than state-of-the-art electronics and digital processing technology. One day, all audio will be this lifestyle-conscious. Why wait? With Pioneer Digital Sound Projector, you can hear the future now


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