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May 7, 2012

MS Paint : Multiple Clone Image Trick

Friends Here is a Amazing Trick for MS Paint...

All of u were Familiar with Microsoft Paint.

I Don't Remember from where this trick i learned from in my past days....But It's Cool....!

Making Clones of Jack Sparrow...Lolz..!

In Above Image I Created Clones of Jack Sparrow.. (A Movie Character )

U can Select Any Croped Image or create any object. (e.g. Crop any Friend's Face )

Follow These Steps:

STEP 1: Open MS Paint. (Go To Start Menu OR Go To Run & Type "mspaint")

STEP 2: Create The Object or Paste Croped Face (Small Preferred)

STEP 3: Select the Object or Croped Image with Select Tool. (Make Sure that u have Select Type "Transparent Selection")

STEP 4: Now Press Shift Key & Hold it...and with holding it Select the Object & Drag it.

STEP 5: U will See Ur Object's Multiple Clones Linked Together. (Images Separates varies by Mouse Dragging Speed )......That's All.

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