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Dec 28, 2012

How to | Some Amazing Facebook Tricks | Blank Status | Chat Box Tricks

Hi Friends...
Today I m posting a "Bunch of Unique Tricks" for all FACEB00K Users...I am planned to publish individual post for every tricks...but now I m posting all of them in 1 Post.

1. How to Post a Blank Status on Facebook?

Some of People are posting Blank Status (No Status..."") but many people didnt know that how to post it? (Its too Simple). You can see the Blank Status that i've posted on Facebook.

Step-1: Log in to your Facebook Account. (Not Other's)
Step-2: Now go to Update Status Text Box and Press n Hold ALT key....and Type "0173" (ALT + 0173)
Step-3: Now Click on "Post" button.

You've Done...You Posted a Blank Status...!

How to Update Facebook Status Via Iphone 5, Iphone 6, Space, Via Blackberry, Via Heaven Trick....!
 >>>Click Here<<<

2. How to Send Dislike & Middle Finger Button in Chat-Box?

You might be intresting to know that Facebook has enabled "Dislike" and "Middle Finger" button for facebook chat..! ("You'll find the real fact behind this @ End of this post")

For Dislike Button : Type [[iidislyk]] in chat-box and Hit Enter.
For Middle-Finger Button : Type [[midfing]] in chat-box and Hit Enter.

Note : U need to use Double Square Braces "[[" & "]]".  & The Real fact behind this icons is "This icons aren't Officially published by Facebook....These are Just Profile Pictures of ( iidislyk ) and ( midfing ) usernames on Facebook".

3. How to Send Anyone's Profile Picture in Chat-Box?

Now You can send Your or Any of your Friend's Profile Picture in Facebook Chat.
In the image below....i sent my profile pic to my friend.....in a chat-box.

Now u can see I've sent my Profile Pic to a Friend during Chat....

Step-1: Login to Your Facebook account & Open Chat-box.
Step-2: Now Type [[Username of ProfilePic]]  ( " www.facebook.com/xxxxx -- Here xxxxx is Your Profiles Username"...)

Eaxmple : My Profile URL is www.facebook.com/kishan.m so in this case my username is "kishan.m"...so i have to type like this [[kishan.m]] for send my profile pic to a Friend.
Step-3: After Typing Username between "[[" and "]]"...Just Hit Enter.

That's It....You sent a Profile Pic in Facebook Chat....U can send Anyone's profile pic using Facebook Username of that person..

Thanks.. :) Have a nice day.
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