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Jun 10, 2012

How to Recover Hidden Folders in USB Drive?

Sometimes Malware or Trojan Viruses creates Shortcuts with folder names.
It will hide ur folders in pen drive & makes shortcuts of virus with same folder names.

So some people Think that Folders that have been deleted due to virus. Bt they r still in ur USB Drives.

Actully These folders r Considered as System Files & They r Hidden.
So for Unhide it U need to Use CMD.

Bt u can make Just 1 Simple Batch File with the help of these Steps n it will Automatically Unhide All Ur Hidden Folders.

Step-1: Open Notepad.

Step-2: Type The Following Code. (Or Copy n Paste)

                    ATTRIB -s -h * /s /d
Step-3: Save the File as "anything.bat".

Step-4: Now Put the .bat file in Ur Pen drive.

Step-5: Now Just Run It. & It will Recover all ur System Hidden Folder with Normal State.

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  1. why mostly virus not delete data just made it system file?

  2. Most Virus dosent have capability to delete or currupt our data....bt they r just malwares or backdoors which interacts with attributes n properties of data...


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